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Common Orchid Problems

Pretty much everyone can agree that orchids are beautiful and while many varieties can be very easy tphaleo care for, our customers either love them or hate them depending on their past success in caring for them.  Our customers that are self-proclaimed “Orchid Killers” typically don’t have great success with epiphytic orchids because they let the orchids sit in water.  The easiest way to prevent this is to water your orchid in a place (i.e. over a sink) where you can water it thoroughly but let the water drain out of the holes in the grow pot before placing the orchid back in whatever decorative container it sits in.  Orchids are a beautiful addition to your home or business accounts and last much longer than most other blooming plants!  Give them a try!  

Attached is a list of common problems you may experience with orchids and how to identify and treat them.