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Haiti Earthquake Relief – YOU can help!

In need of dead trees & lots of leaves for a movie in Austin!

There is a new movie being filmed in the Austin area and the greensman is in need of large amounts of the Driftwoodfollowing for a jungle scene: burned/dead trees or parts of trees, cypress, driftwood, large leaves in any condition (likes magnolia but will take anything), and any other dead foliage/branches/etc.

If you know of anyone or anywhere that might have a bunch of stuff that can be hauled off, please let us know. Thanks!

Hello world!

Welcome to the new Vickery Wholesale Greenhouse blog!  We will be using this forum to communicate helpful info to our customers including information about new plants, plant care, industry trends, etc. 

As always, feel free to send us feedback to let us know if you find this blog useful and/or topics you’d like for us to post about.  We hope you enjoy it!